First, I pray that all is well with you and your families. This year has been challenging to say the least, not only for our nation, but also for all our Masonic organizations with the current epidemic. As our state relax some of its current directives, we must continue to be cautious and practice social distancing as much as possible, always maintaining a safe and healthy environment. With this being said, effective 15 June 2020 ALL Masonic organizations are cleared to resume normal scheduled meeting according to its bylaws, with the current measures enforced. All Masonic, Concordant, and Appendant bodies will allow members to wear a face mask if they so desire. Social distancing will be carried out as much as the meeting room will allow in a modified version. After each meeting, all stations, doorknobs, and equipment will be sanitized/wiped down with some form of approved disinfecting solution. If any member appears to be sick, presenting symptoms of a fever, coughing, constant sneezing, headache, and/or runny nose, the head of the organization may ask the member to leave due to health concerns. Additionally, with the affect COVID-19 has placed on our Masonic bodies financially, I am waiving the first quarter assessment of $500 for all Masonic Lodges and Chapters. This will leave you with an assessment balance owed to the Grand Lodge of in the amount of $1,500.