Grand Lodge Officers

Grand Master

M.W. Gregory R. Holmes

Deputy Grand Master

R.W. Derrick Flowers No. 7


Senior Grand Warden

R.W. Abdullah Mustapha No. 9


Junior Grand Warden

R.W. Anthony April No. 2

Anthony April

Grand Treasurer

R.W. Damon Shine No. 6

Damon Shine

Grand Secretary

R.W. Kenneth Holmes #2

Kenneth Holmes

Grand Lecturer

R.W. Antonio Anderson No. 6

Antonio Anderson

Committee Chair of Foreign Correspondence

P.M. Jose’ M. Nieves No. 2


District 1 – Anchorage

DDGM Antonio Anderson No. 6

Alpha Lodge No. 1

Mount McKinley Lodge No. 2

Summit Lodge No. 6

District 2 – Fairbanks

District Meeting is the first Tuesday of every month.

DDGM Earl Parker No. 7

Midnight Sun Lodge No. 3

Arctic Lodge No. 7

District 3 – JBER

DDGM Antonio Anderson No. 6

Richard J. Watts Sr. Lodge No. 8

District 4 – Eielson, AFB

Edward A. Miller Lodge No. 9

District 5 – Delta Junction

DDGM William Brennan

Sterling R. Taylor Lodge No. 10