Desert of Alaska

Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles Mystic Shrine (A.E.A.O.N.M.S.)
North & South America
Desert of Alaska

Deputy of the Desert
PP Noble Kenneth B. Holmes (727-9962)

Deputy of the Oasis – Anchorage
PP Noble LAWRENCE HICKS (229-2873)

Al Hejaz Temple # 99

Illustrious Potentate PP Andre’ K. Jonhson

Chief Rabban Noble Charles Watson

Assistant Rabban Noble Harvey Watson

Illustrious Recorder PP Lawrence Hicks

Illustrious Treasurer PP Kenneth B. Holmes (Deputy of the Desert)

Meeting Date:

4th Saturday at 2:00 PM

Oasis of Fairbanks
Deputy of the Oasis – Fairbanks
PP Abdullah O. Mustapha

Al Jabbar Temple # 214

Illustrious Potentate – PP. Derrick Flowers

Chief Rabban – William Brennan

Assistant Rabban – Kevin Jones

Illustrious Recorder Noble James Platt

Illustrious Treasurer Noble Rex Kanechy